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Published by: Joseph Freyaldenhoven 02-Apr-15
Over 50? Looking for Additional Income

Over 50?

If you are over 50 and looking for additional retirement income, then we have a plan for you.

Most online marketers know that building an online business is certainly possible but does require some time. The more time you have the better.

We are associated with three companies that specialize in long term monthly income.

Before I get into the details, let me say this. 

I want to discuss this plan in detail with you. This is serious long term commitment on both you and me and I want you to know everything about who I am. I want you to understand how this works. I want you  to understand what is happening at each site.

I want to talk with you on the phone to explain how each site works by itself and in conjunction with each other. It has taken me about 8 years to put this together and it works.

To keep this short here are the basics:

You will get Membership in three online sites:

1. Top Level Membership
2.   or TeamAtlantis (TrafficWave referrals)
3. Excellent home business site for over 15 years – this is easy – it is free to join and has a daily simple to do list.

A. Each of these sites will earn you monthly income.
B. I can supply estimates of income for each site – no problem
C. You will be required to do some tasks – not a something for nothing.


Both plans have a small setup fee and Low monthly fee. And I will furnish estimates of earnings from each site. And show you how to access the earnings estimators on each site.


Plan of Action

Contact me via email or skype or phone to schedule a telephone talk with you to  go over the details.

It is most important that you understand how this works and how you will earn income.
This is a proven system, that is already working.
Remember, I want to get to know you and I want you to know all about me.  You can go to google and google me – Joe Freyaldenhoven aka Brother Joseph Freyaldenhoven

I would like to talk with you before you preview these sites but if you want to preview them here are the links.

Choose between MandG and TeamAtlantis

2. Alternate TeamAtlantis - (TrafficWave referrals)

3. SFI

I am looking forward to talking with you.

Joe Freyaldenhoven
Success Director

skype brojoseph
cell phone 1-501-977-6876

Mega Profit Product Showcase:

» Member Snap - Are You Member Snapping Yet?


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The Internet is like a school of fish in the Ocean, nobody know where they are going.

Recently I have made some observations:
1. What worked last year may not work this year. Ie) The Gurus do not have all the answers
2. Make no assumptions about what will work today!
3. If you do not stay focused you will not succeed.
4. If you do not know how to deliver lots of visitors per day you will not succeed.
5. Most people are failing due to lack of basic knowledge about how to get traffic.
6. The only difference between success and failure is targeted visitors.

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Joseph Freyaldenhoven 
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